How long is a design sprint?

Gilbert NZEKA
2 min readApr 8, 2022


A Design Sprint is simply a way to discover whether your idea or product works.

The Original Design Sprint is a physical 5-day process developed by Google Ventures to solve key business issues through workshops, design, prototyping, and user testing by a team of experts.

It’s ideal for projects that should go faster but get stuck in a sticky collaboration.

Participants wipe their calendars and create a realistic prototype within 5 days and test it with real users for quick validation.

Companies like Google, Uber, and Microsoft use sprints to accelerate innovation.

Who is the Design Sprint a solution for?

You work as:

• innovation manager

• Product owner

• Product manager

• Marketing manager

• Entrepreneur and have a new bold idea

What does a Design Sprint get me?

• A validated prototype within 5 days.

• Lots of valuable feedback from your users or customers.

• Save a lot of time and money by validating early.

• A high-fidelity, visual, and fully developed prototype.

• Support for the solution through intensive cooperation.

With which people do you do a Design Sprint?

During a design sprint, you work together in a close team on 1 big, important innovation idea.

All stakeholders participate for at least two days.

“Team alignment” is an important outcome of a design sprint: a joint course that everyone supports 100%.

A typical team composition for a design sprint might look like this:

A decision maker: eg business owner / CEO / product manager

Financial expert: e.g. CEO, CFO, head of business development

Marketing expert: e.g. CMO, head of marketing, head of PR

Customer expert: e.g. market researcher, sales manager, head of customer support

Technology/logistics expert: e.g. CTO, lead engineer

Design expert: e.g. lead designer, product manager

With a Design Sprint, you learn a lot about your idea or product: the challenges and context, whether your assumptions are correct, and whether it meets the needs of the user. This way you will discover whether you are going in the right direction without making a large investment. After the Design Sprint, you can continue with a validated concept and a lot of valuable user insights.



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