How to Find ways to unwind every day?

Listen to the most relaxing song in the world

A study by stress specialists showed that the song Weightless by the band Marconi Union helps to relax the most. A continuous rhythm of 60 BPM (Beats Per Minute) ensures that your brain waves and heart rhythm adapt to the rhythm. Relaxation guaranteed!

Kiss your lover

According to a 2009 American study, kissing releases the hormone oxytocin. Why is that good news? Oxytocin in turn fights the stress hormone cortisol and therefore ensures that you feel a lot more relaxed after kissing.

Watch a funny movie

We’ve known for a while that laughing makes us happier. It also ensures that we suffer less from stress. People who laugh a lot have less cortisol in their bodies.

Go to a yoga class

With yoga, you control your breathing and put your body in postures that relax your muscles. This fights fatigue, depression, and anxiety. In a study of 50 medical students, researchers found that yoga leads to better exam results. The cause of this has been sought in higher concentration, lower irritation levels, and a more positive outlook on life, all as a result of practicing yoga.

Eat chocolate

40 grams of dark chocolate a day helps us cope with stress by producing ‘happy chemicals’ in the brain known as beta-endorphins. Anna Magee writes about this research in her book The De-Stress Diet.

Teach yourself a mental “trigger”

Get yourself into a routine to relax right before an activity that causes stress. As a routine, you can choose something that makes you feel relaxed. A warm bath, sitting on a bench in the park, you name it.

Get a pet

People with pets have lower blood pressure and find comfort in the presence of their dog or cat.

Have a drink

Don’t overdo it. If you drink too much, you will not sleep well at night. But a small drink (or two) has been shown to lower your stress levels.

Ignore your phone

According to research from the British Psychological Society, people get terribly stressed from constantly checking their phones. For work-related matters, it’s fine; it goes wrong if you keep checking for personal messages. People get stressed out about this because they feel compelled to keep abreast of what is happening in their social lives.



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